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Latest Update!

We did it! We launched our website just in time to return our HTML book for a refund at WaltonBooks :) We wanted to add frames but we couldn't figure it out. This site doesn't really work in Internet Browser, so you may need to open it again in Netscape if it is not working for you. Hosting is expensive so if you want to help out please click the banners. Check out our cool video! It will take the following time to load on these connections:

56k 20 minutes
28.8 53 minutes
14.4. buy a new modem, jk we love you guys, but seriously buy a new modem

First Update!

Hi and welcome to our site! This is just a test so please don't mind this update. If you can read this, please let me know by writing in the guest book or send me an email by clicking on the text. Thanks!


This is a test, mike, can you see this? Sign on ICQ please my mom's on the other line :p

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